Castine Kayak Covid-19 Updates

*Updated 3/5/2021*



Covid-19 Badge awarded to Castine Kayak Adventures 
indicates that we are in compliance with the state’s Covid-19 Prevention Checklist for our industry.


and booking YOUR summer adventures now!


Beginning May 1

Maine is moving forward!  Maine’s COVID-19 travel policy will automatically exempt all states, unless otherwise determined by the Maine CDC. If one or more states experiences a spike in cases of highly contagious COVID-19 variants, the Maine CDC will apply its test or quarantine requirements to travelers to and from that state.

Our Priorities: Here at Castine Kayak Adventures the health and safety of our guests and staff
remains our first priority! We are actively monitoring the ever evolving situation regarding COVID-19
and will continue to adapt and implement procedures for your safety and the safety of our staff.

What we at Castine Kayak are doing to ensure the safety of our paddlers and staff:

  • Offering tours to everyone in compliance with our State Mandates at the time of your tour for the safety of our guests, our staff and our community!

  • Smaller grouping sizes during preparation and on water (keeping family groups together and separating from others with appropriate social distancing).

  • Screening participants in relation to social distancing practices and quarantining, vaccination.

  • Sanitizing all gear with Soap and Water and Disinfectants according to CDC Guidelines.

  • Requiring all participants to wear a mask when on shore, launching, landing, and within 6 feet of others outside family group. We advise attaching it to a lanyard or a carabiner so it can be accessible. Please bring a plastic ziplock to keep it dry!

  • Requiring all participants to come prepared with following to minimize shared items (hand sanitizer, snack, water, bug spray, sunblock)

  • All Staff are trained in Covid-19 related sanitation standards and state guideline checklists and appropriate social distancing and will manage the safety of our participants as we always do.

Making your summer Plans: As of May 1st Maine is open to all states! Maine's reopening strategy  evaluates the science and works to minimize the risks to us all. Our goal is to find creative ways to enrich your spirit in the outdoors while staying safe and minimizing risks.
*Please feel free to contact us to help in making your plans and answering your questions about the State of Maine's latest updates. 
You can also find the latest updates to the State's reopening plan updates here

Paddling and getting outdoors: We at Castine Kayak believe that now more than ever we will all benefit from getting outdoors on the water and enriching ourselves while being able to maintain physical distance while still being social with plenty of space on the water! We are moving forward to plan ways to provide opportunities for individuals and families to safely recreate in nature, something we can all use during these uncertain times staying healthy outdoors.

Castine Kayak Opening We are open with safety procedures in place and new fun exciting and safe programs to provide opportunities for enjoying and exploring Maine's outdoors for Tours, Lessons, SUP Yoga, Kids Kayak Camps and Bike Rentals May 28, 2021. We will be in town at our shop for Curbside Pickup and are happy to provide items you may need for safe kayaking.  Please call us at 207-866-3506 for pickups!

From our families to yours,

Stay safe... stay healthy... stay active.....STAY TUNED!

from the Castine Kayak Adventures Team!

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